The Cornerstone 2022: Our Church's First Yearbook is Now Available!

Publishing Ministry

The Cornerstone 2022, our first Yearbook, is here and available for purchase.

We’ve promised it. Now we’ve delivered it. Yes, The Cornerstone 2022, our first Yearbook, is here and available for purchase.

An eleven-member Editing Committee, part of our Publishing Ministry, successfully worked on The Cornerstone project. This publication is intended for you, your family members and friends of Christ Church Parish Church here and overseas. In it you will find the story of our church’s activities over the period 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022. That is the first year of Father Mark’s incumbency here. It is an excellent and authoritative read, providing a ‘bird’s eye view’ of our church’s activities over this period. Events, achievements, successes (and yes, the odd disappointment) are all featured. The included articles and images have been assembled by members of our congregation, so we are grateful to and thank our writers, interviewees and other contributors, including our commercial and church member sponsors. Together, they have helped to make The Cornerstone an interesting ‘fit for purpose’ publication which we all must be very proud of.


That is what it will cost you to gain knowledge, be enthralled and entertained by The Cornerstone’s contents. A lot of hard work, long hours and several late nights were put in to make today’s release of The Cornerstone an exciting one for us all. Faith in God, the Publishing Ministry’s capacity, commitment and confidence all helped to overcome the challenges faced along the way to ensure The Cornerstone’s timely delivery to members of our church family. We invite you show your support for the Publishing Ministry by owning at least one of the inaugural copies of The Cornerstone.

Thank you.